Ads on Hold

Silence doesn’t say very much…chimes say even less….
A new telephone system with an Ad on Hold included can change that…

Make a lasting first impression when customers call your business.
In business the ultimate goal is to and maintain strong, high quality and profitable customer relationships.

You accomplish this one customer at a time, one gesture at a time, one act at a time. From the very first contact you have an opportunity build, cultivate to impress.

We’ve all heard it said, first impressions are lasting and it’s true.

With advertising on hold messages you can deliver a dynamic first impression.

Ads on Hold help small and medium sized businesses to sound more professional from the very first contact.

The result is improved satisfaction from customers, increased sales and ultimately a stronger, more successful business.

Your business can use advertising on hold messages to:

Sound more professional

Show you are a customer service focused business

Inform them about products and services

Communicate to customers why they should choose YOUR business

Increase sales opportunities

Ad on Hold can help your business sound more professional, sell more and increase customer satisfaction.

FROM $1895 Includes

Ad on Hold message player

Our marketing professionals research your organization and design the script content to market their business in the best possible light

Professionally customized advertising message

Professional customized greeting message, after hour’s company message and 3 IVR prompt messages

Royalty free background music and mixing by our own professional studios

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