Blackberry Solutions

 With a Telstra BlackBerry solution, your office goes where you go.

You don't have to be behind your desk to work effectively.

BlackBerry allows you to respond quickly to business opportunities as they arise so you can get more out of your workday.

BlackBerry devices have the capabilities of a mobile phone but with much more, including all-in-one email, internet browser and calendar access. 

A BlackBerry solution enables you to visit clients and suppliers and still be in control of your business.

With a BlackBerry Solution you can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, access your email, calendar, organiser and browse the internet - everything you need to work effectively while you're on the go.


BlackBerry® Individual Solution

This solution is perfect for small businesses that use an ISP email account (like Telstra BigPond) or webmail (like Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail or others). With a BlackBerry Individual Solution you can:

BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution gives you and your mobile workforce a secure and seamlessly integrated wireless extension of your email accounts.

This is designed for medium/large businesses that use Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise or Lotus Domino and require a server-based, scalable solution with centralised IT administration tools.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution

BlackBerry Individual Solution