Business Broadband

Judtel provides unique business internet / data service to our clients.

Looking for a smart internet/data transmission solution? 

We offer high end technology combined with great value for money and outstanding personal service .

Our consultants will be happy to discuss the option that is right for you, depending on the nature of your internet usage and the volume of data you handle.

Judtel has four unique Business Internet/Data services for our Business clients:

ADSL - Transmitting digital information on existing phone lines

SHDSL - For those who need to download and upload data at an extremely fast rate

Ethernet - The fastest internet connection available in Australia

IP Networks - For businesses who need internet services for multiple business sites

Microsoft Exchange OnLine - Ability to view Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Emails via laptop, computer and mobile devices

Microsoft Shared Data - Log in remotely to view company forms and information.  No need to be in the office.

Web Based Meetings - Conduct meetings via a web based tool

Instant Messaging - Use your internet and corporate interface to instant message employees

Back up - Regular back up completed into data centres protected by Cybetrust

JudTel can implement the right solution for your business today.

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