Call Analysis

We are experts in the analysis of your local, mobile and international phone bills so for a prompt response and a concise explanation of your account please contact us.

On Average we are achieving 30% savings for our clients. 

Some of our business clients have saved 85% on their mobile costs.

Others may claim to check your bills for the right plan but in reality they want you to spend as much as possible.  Only our Phone Hunter will give you unbiased answers.

Here’s how our analysis works:

  1. Your mobile phone bill(s) are read into our analysis engine.

  2. Phone Hunter finds the date, time, destination, network, duration and cost for each call.

  3. This information is used to calculate how much each call would cost across all the available plans.

  4. Plan discounts and special rates are calculated.

  5. The calls are then added up and totaled to find the average spend per month for all plans.

  6. A report is generated with the results of the best plans or services to you.

  7. We can also see call to call how the savings were achieved.

  8. Phone Hunter uses a mathematical process and can therefore remain unbiased.

Find out how we can reduce your costs call today for a FREE analysis

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