With Cloud Services, the future has arrived.

Instead of having physical servers on your premises, you can now plug your business into our remote servers hosted securely on the cloud to store, manage and process your data.

The service is fully managed by us. You’ll get access to the latest in data centres and services.

And it’ll save you from having to continually invest in your own IT systems.

Our Alliance Partners

We work with our alliance partners – Accenture, Cisco and Microsoft – to provide you with the best cloud services and deployment for your company.

Cloud Consulting

Make sure the cloud delivers maximum value to your business. Cloud Consulting can provide a complete assessment of your IT environment at the strategic or tactical level - or both – so you’re fully prepared for the cloud.

Telstra Connected Clouds

Telstra Connected Clouds provides access to infrastructure, software as a service, communication and collaboration tools. It’s a much smarter way to pay for and manage your information, communication and technology needs.

Infrastucture as a service

Now you can pay by the month for dedicated or shared servers, and secure storage, in our world-class Australian data centres.

Software as a service

Equip your staff with the latest business software, applications, unified communications, video and web conferencing, without the hassle of managing the IT yourself.



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