Telstra Desktop Messaging

Give your business the advantage of Telstra Desktop Messaging, and impress your customers, suppliers and employees by sending them important SMS reminders, promotional picture messages and attention-grabbing video messages from your PC or laptop!

What is Telstra Desktop Messaging? 

This service lets you send SMS, MMS and Video messages to mobile services directly from email applications.

It also allows you to download and install a PC client to access certain features.

Address Book Synchronisation

Synchronise with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook so you can send out customer and staff reminders without needing to duplicate your contacts.

Create automated replies

Using our campaign manager/rules wizard reply automatically to your customers based on the content of their message to you, e.g. competition entries, product enquiries.

Send rich media content

A picture tells a thousand text messages – send rich media content such as pictures, video and audio by creating your own presentations, and send them directly to your customers and staff.

Desktop software

Easily install the software onto every computer connected in your office network at once so the rest of your staff can improve their productivity.