Good Mobile Messaging 5*  

An uncompromising mobile experience that lets mobile professionals get things done easily and personalize the way they work, while giving IT the security and manageability they need.

Today, mobile email experiences are full of compromises.

Trying to accomplish simple tasks while on-the-go can be a frustratingly incomplete experience; especially since IT organizations must secure and maintain control of smartphones.

Good Mobile Messaging 5 strikes the perfect balance, offering an integrated all-in-one solution that gives users a rich and effective experience while granting IT professionals the management power they need to protect valuable enterprise data.

Get Things Done – Easily

Good Mobile Messaging 5 makes it easy to get things done by enabling you to find what you need when you need it, by allowing you to finish tasks end-to-end, and by integrating seamlessly with your phone. Some of the key features include:

Conversation view

Need to find all the messages related to a specific subject? With the ability display email grouped by conversation, you can easily see all the emails related to a conversation. Read, file or delete emails within an email thread.

Group and find by sender

In the vast sea of email, it’s often difficult to find the particular information you need. Quickly manage your email with the view by sender option, which conveniently groups your email and allows you to search by sender.

Complete calendaring

Easily schedule meetings from anywhere by inviting optional or required attendees. Get suggested times and conference rooms based on real-time attendee and room availability.

Send attachments

No need to drop by the office to send an important document. With Good Mobile Messaging 5 you can send email attachments directly from your mobile device, improving responsiveness and efficiency.

Dial without password

Good Mobile Messaging 5 integrates seamlessly with your mobile phone allowing easy access to your contacts and dialing without the hassle of entering a password – all while keeping your email and data secure.