Infrastructure as a Service


Infrastructure as a Service opens up the reach, coverage and performance of Australia’s largest communications network and makes it available to your organisation on demand. Gain access to powerful, state-of-the-art data centres, shared or private servers and highly secure storage based in Australia.1

Scale up. Scale down. Opt for private, virtualised or shared infrastructure. Match security levels to your needs and be confident about business continuity with our carrier-grade disaster recovery.

You can choose to pay either on a predictable monthly subscription or simple pay-for-use basis. You can quickly configure servers and storage with advanced online tools for service monitoring and management. You can focus on growing your business, while your IT department can spend more time driving innovation and less time troubleshooting. 


Boost business agility

Infrastructure as a Service lets you quickly seize new business opportunities and get projects up and running faster, without waiting for IT to be deployed. Scale your IT usage up and down to meet seasonal demands, project-based requirements or growth.

Highly secure

Get the non-stop computing, rapid response time and disaster recovery you need with data security and confidentiality. Match security levels to your needs and be confident about business continuity with our carrier-grade disaster recovery. Our enterprise-grade computing services are delivered securely from state-of-the-art data centres over public and private networks for smooth operation of critical systems. We are one of only a few organisations whose infrastructure and security processes are certified to ISO / IEC 27001 Security Management Standard and our risk methodology aligned to the AS / NZS 31000:2009 Risk Management Standard.

Control costs and reduce your risk

Reduce the risk of owning your own ICT infrastructure and free up capital expenditure for more strategic business needs. Match your ICT precisely to your business needs and only pay for what you use. And with predictable, transparent costs you can simplify your budget and planning.

Outsource your IT headaches

Using an online web portal with Utility Hosting it’s easy to quickly configure and provision applications or infrastructure, see network and application performance, and use advanced tools for service monitoring and management. This reduces the burden of infrastructure and application administration, and IT staff can focus more on differentiating the company strategically.

Stay on the leading edge

We invest millions in continually updating our networks and data centres and we manage ICT lifecycles with a continual refresh program, so you can enjoy technology innovations faster while freeing up capital expenditure for business development.


Utility Hosting

Utility Hosting provides immediate access to virtual servers and storage, based on a hardware platform that you share with our other customers. The latest virtualisation technologies deliver computing resources from a shared blade server environment. You can easily scale your resources to meet demand fluctuations in the shortest possible time – with minimal cost.

Dedicated Hosting

A range of highly secure server platforms that are dedicated to your usage. Choose from a Self-Managed Server, Managed Virtual Server or Managed Physical Server. Dedicated blade servers can also be virtualised if required. Hypervisor service can be added, which enables you to manage your own virtualised server configuration. Turn your services off and on as you need. This reduces your total cost of ownership. You also benefit from around-the-clock monitoring and support, as well as a range of storage, backup / restore and security options.

Hosted Security Services 

With Dedicated Hosting, you can also choose cost-effective, 24/7 managed protection to proactively prevent threats against your network and infrastructure from the internet. Hosted Security service offers simple, virtual cloud security that is quick to deploy, while we also have a customised service which provides more flexibility and choice of options and configurations, including non-virtual components. Our range of security options include:

Firewall (hosted or on-site)

Intrusion Protection

Internet Protection Mail

Internet Protection Web 

Backup as a Service (BaaS) 

Is a flexible and secure method to store data to ensure business continuity or comply with industry regulations. Installed software agents automatically synchronise with our long-term storage centres, removing the load from your IT staff and enabling you to take advantage of our continued technology and product innovation.

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