A division of Logitech, offers true high definition video conferencing.

Get the best quality Telepresence experience in all network environments anywhere and everywhere.

LifeSize®Express™ brings HD to small and medium businesses who need it most.

LifeSize®solutions are affordable, leveraging existing networks so that other factors don’t add to cost.

Use LifeSize®Passport™ or LifeSize®Desktop™ at satellite locations

First dual display HD video and content priced* for broad deployment

A superior HD quality of experience at just 1Mbps –well within the range of even some home office networks.

Support for more than 50 resolutions, offering the best quality at any bandwidth, not to mention unmatched interoperability.

Using the most advanced technology available today, lifesize1

LifeSize®delivers the ultimate in quality, flexibility, and price performance –even at the small and medium business level.

–Higher productivity

–Reduced travel

–Better engagement

–More time to make decisions

–Reduced carbon footprint

–High-definition video conferencing

LifeSize® Desktop™

PC-based Video Communications

LifeSize® Desktop™ delivers HD video communications from the convenience of your PC - enabling mobile users to stay connected, anytime, anywhere. A natural extension of your existing LifeSize HD video environment, LifeSize Desktop keeps remote teams in sync without compromising on quality.

Collaborate face-to-face from your PC

LifeSize Desktop is a standalone desktop client (no server required) that allows you to send and receive 720p30 video in full 16:9 format for effective collaboration at a distance. HD audio with echo cancellation delivers a rich, true-to-life experience.

LifeSize Desktop also supports sharing data during a video call for improved collaboration.

LifeSize Desktop supports off-the-shelf webcams for quick, simple deployments.

Remote users can easily connect and receive high quality video at any bandwidth, over the corporate VPN or through LifeSize Transit, for secure NAT/Firewall traversal.

Designed for performance and efficiency,

LifeSize Desktop’s low CPU utilization enables video calls even with multiple concurrent applications running on the PC.

The intuitive, easy-to-use interface provides a common LifeSize user experience from the desktop to the conference room.

LifeSize Desktop mobilizes high definition video communications, enabling users to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Key Features lifesize3

HD video and audio - 720p30 transmit and receive with advanced wideband audio

Data sharing – Share your PC screen for improved collaboration

Fully scalable provisioning and management model from one to thousands of seats

Administrative capabilities to lock down settings for easier maintenance and control

TLS/SRTP encryption for secure calling

Far end camera control for flexible use

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