Administration costs can be one of the most crippling overheads a business faces.

So how do you overcome them?

pocketWIZ® is a solution that can help all types of businesses streamline their current business practice by enabling their sales representatives to view crucial information while out with a client and complete their orders electronically sending information back to the office without having to stay connected in real time.

Before using pocketWIZ® businesses had issues with:

Incorrect Sales Orders

Unreadable handwriting

Excessive time spent on completing Paperwork, Invoices, Reports, Bookwork, Data entry

Delays in order dispatch

Excessive calls to administration staff to check stock levels, prices & placing orders

After using pocketWIZ®:

Sales Representatives can view up to date stock details out on the road

Minimize order errors

Decrease paper usage

Heavily Reduce time spent on Data Entry

Decrease data entry errors

Reduce petrol costs and travel to and from the office

Faster dispatch of orders

Increase business productivity and efficiency levels

Process credit card payments in real time

pocketWIZ® Sales offers the following functionality:

Create Sales Call List

Product Description

Inventory Levels

Special Pricing

View Customer Details

View Debtor History – 30, 60, 90 days

View Inventory Details

View Order History

Create New Sales Order

Capture Customer Signature

Record & Capture Customer Payment

Print Tax Invoice

Integration into back-end systems

Sales Reporting

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