Samsung Gaxaxy S III



Samsung GALAXY S III just gets us.

Little things like nudging you when you’ve missed something and helping you keep track of loved ones. Designed for humans, it goes beyond smart and fulfils your needs by thinking like you think and acting like you act.

Smart Stay

Samsung GALAXY S III recognises when you are looking at the phone.

The front camera looks deep into your eyes and maintains a bright display for your continued viewing pleasure.

Direct Call

Samsung GALAXY S III knows when you want to talk.

When you are messaging someone and decide to call them instead, simply lift your phone to your ear and Direct Call will dial their number for you.

Smart Alert

When you pick up your phone, wouldn’t it be nice if it let you know what you’ve missed while you’ve been gone? S

amsung GALAXY S III knows and gives you a vibrating nudge to inform you about missed calls and new messages.

S Voice^^^svoice

Why not get a response from your phone?

Tell your Samsung GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let you sleep a bit more, answer your phone (or reject a call), turn your music up (or down), and even tell the camera when to shoot.

Social Tag

It’s easy to keep track of friends and loved ones.

Social tag lets you link the faces in your photo album with their social media streams. Once it’s set, all you have to do is look at your friends’ pictures and you’ll see their current status appear*.

S Beam

Lets you bond almost instantly so you can transfer documents, contacts, photos and home videos.

Just put the backs of your 2 Samsung GALAXY S III phones together, connect, share and enjoy*1.

All Share Playsplay

Lets you work together through the magic of DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct, giving you access to documents and multimedia files when you work on a different compatible screen somewhere else1,2.

Buddy photo share

It is easy to manage and share your photos.

The Samsung GALAXY S III recognises faces and links those with your friends for you, using your group profiles for guidance*.^


Samsung GALAXY S III’s minimal and organic design is reflected in its smooth and nonlinear lines.

Its human-centric nature provides a comfortable experience, while its comfortable grip, gentle curves and organic form helps deliver a natural feel.

4.8 HD Super AMOLED

The 4.8 inches of high definition display has true colours, ultrafast response times and HD video playback. It is outrageously sharp and amazingly thin.

Best Photo

Samsung GALAXY S III aims to never miss a smile or catch someone when they’re blinking.

Once it’s set, it automatically takes a burst of eight shots to make a continuous scene and will select the best one of the bunch for you.


Samsung GALAXY S III is like a GPS thanks to the included NAVIGON app**, which provides turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation.

Using preloaded AU and NZ maps, no data charges apply and FREE*** map updates every three months for two years are included!


Gives you on-demand access to a constantly changing and expanding range of great movies from major Hollywood studios as well as the best in television for a low monthly price^.

Join now and get a 14 day free^ trial without any joining fees!

Pop up play

The Samsung GALAXY S III’s 4.8” HD Super AMOLED screen helps make doing things simultaneously easy and fun.

With Pop Up Play and the powerful Quad Core Processor, you can watch a HD video in another window while sending an email or text simultaneously.

Samsung Music Hub

Stream great music tracks and create unlimited playlists from millions of tracks.

All your playlists are stored in the cloud and accessible from your Samsung Music Hub™ compatible devices. A free 1 month trial^^ is available for all Samsung GALAXY S III customers when you activate the app.

Visit for subscription prices and details.


Specification Sheet

*Internet connection required. Data download charges may apply.
**Service availability and operation may depend on GPS satellite coverage and may also vary by geographical region. Data download charges may apply for map updates.
***Map updates are offered free of charge upon activation of the Navigon FreshMaps package and guaranteed for a 2 year period; after this time a fee may apply for further map
updates. Internet connection required. Data charges may apply for map updates.
^Internet connection required. Data charges may apply. Subscription charge after your free trial ends is $14.99/month. Check for supported devices.
^^Internet access is needed to access the Samsung Music Hub™. Data charges may apply. Visit for subscription prices and details.
¹ Samsung’s features are intended for private and domestic use. Samsung does not authorise any use of its features that infringes copyright.
2 To use AllShare Play cloud storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider. Usage is subject to service provider agreements.
Internet connection required. Data download and subscription charges may apply.
^^^Performance of S Voice function may vary depending on the language spoken and surrounding environment including ambient noise.

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