Telstra Connected Clouds


To ensure a smooth, low-risk transition to cloud services, we provide a dedicated account management team, plus integration and migration specialists from Telstra and Accenture. Your data is stored locally in an Australian data centre1 and we offer genuine pay-for-use models and easy data portability.

With the extensive coverage of our Next G® network and the Telstra Next IP® network, we can securely and reliably deliver cloud services right across Australia and the world, with inbuilt End to End service management to ensure software and applications perform at their peak.


Reduce risk and ICT costs

Telstra Cloud Services take away the capital risk of owning and investing in infrastructure. We partner with world leaders such as Cisco and Microsoft to plan and deploy the technology for tomorrow.

Superior business continuity and agility

Fast access to the latest servers, storage, software and communications help you to be more responsive. Enjoy the ability to seize opportunities, as well as scale up and down to match market demand. Our cloud protection, disaster recovery and back-up services help ensure your business keeps running and your sensitive information is preserved.

Boost productivity

Empower your staff to work more productively, without IT management hassles. In the office, at home and on the go your staff can be more productive and connected with easy access to the software and communications they need. They can also save time and travel by collaborating face-to-face with suppliers, customers and partners using smart online options.

Competitive edge

Our innovative cloud roadmap illustrates how we are continually advancing our technologies to keep your organisation at the leading edge.

The benefits of working with us

With Telstra you have a dedicated account management team, along with our partner integration and migration specialists who collaborate to ensure a smooth, low-risk transition to cloud services. We are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to cloud deployments. We understand how to deliver comprehensive services with end-to-end Service Level Agreements for both application performance and availability, including transparent reporting. You’ll enjoy seamless management with one point of contact.

Local data centres

We store your data in an Australian data centre, local to your business. Your data remains fully auditable under Australian jurisdiction, helping you to comply with governance and privacy requirements2.

Robust security

Our 400-strong information security team has defined and built robust security features into our cloud services, including network-based firewalls and remote access security. If you’re managing highly sensitive data we offer private clouds with ISO27001 security accreditation.

Superior network performance

Telstra customers enjoy extensive reach and coverage plus worldwide connections through the Next G® network and Next IP® network. This enables us to reliably deliver your cloud services to mobile staff, branches, customers and suppliers across Australia and throughout the world. Telstra networks feature inbuilt Quality of Service (QoS) that prioritises network traffic and reserves capacity for demanding cloud applications (such as video) to ensure they perform at their peak. The Telstra Next IP® network provides 99.999% target reliability.

Things you need to know

  1. For Microsoft products data may be stored overseas.

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