Telstra Mobile Payments

Telstra Mobile Payments is a fast, simple and secure way to receive business payments.

The service processes customer payments made by credit card, charge card and Visa and MasterCard debit cards1 on a mobile handset using the Telstra Next G™ mobile network.

Transactions are processed using a compact card-swipe device, called the 'T-Pad'.

The T-Pad works with an application that is downloaded onto a compatible mobile handset or PDA.

Customers' card information is securely transferred from the T-Pad to your mobile phone.

From your phone, the transaction is verified by your financial institution, using the same level of encryption as internet banking.


Key benefits

Telstra Mobile Payments can benefit your business by: 

Improving your cash flow, through collecting card payments from your customers quickly when you are still 'on-site'. 

Increasing business mobility, by reducing the hassles of office-based payments-procession. Telstra Mobile Payments removes the need for traditional paper-based machines, call-in credit authorisations or processing cash and cheque payments. 

Eliminating time spent chasing late payments. 

Maintaining customer confidence, by adhering to the same security standards as commonly used in Internet banking. Card details are also fully encrypted, ensuring no information is stored on the mobile phone or T-Pad when the card is swiped. This reduces the potential for fraudulent transactions.



Purchasing the T-Pad

If you already have a Next G™ compatible handset connected to an eligible Telstra business or corporate mobile service plan, you simply pay $299 to purchase the T-Pad outright.

If you're also purchasing a Next G™ compatible handset and connecting it to an eligible 24 month Business or Corporate Plan, you can pay off both your handset and T-Pad on Telstra's Mobile Repayment Option over 12, 18 or 24 months.

Telstra Mobile Payments Service

Telstra has two subscription charging options for the Telstra Mobile Payments service:

$35 per month for 24 months2
$45 per month casual

This monthly fee is the charge for using the Telstra Mobile Payments service to process card transactions each month3.


Compatible financial institutions

As at 24 October 2007, the payment systems of the following financial institutions are compatible with the Telstra Mobile Payments service4.

American Express
BankWest (existing customers only)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Diners Club
Japanese Credit Bureau (JCB)
National Australia Bank
St George Group

Compatible Next G™ handsets

Telstra Mobile Payments is available on a range of compatible handsets and devices

Samsung i601 (BlackJack)

Nokia 6120

Palm® Treo™ 750

i-mate™ JASJA

Motorola V3xx

Motorazr Maxx V6

Additional Next G™ handsets are expected to become available shortly.

Ph:  1300 339 279 or Email